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Great food. I especially love the mussels. We really enjoy the outdoor seating !!
Great food. I especially love the mussels. We really enjoy the outdoor seating !!
Gina Merrill via - Jul 31, 2020
Got takeout from Irish Tavern and it was absolutely delicious! (Fish and chips and fried chicken) W
Got takeout from Irish Tavern and it was absolutely delicious! (Fish and chips and fried chicken) We can’t wait to eat there in person.
Sarah Ransom via - Jul 27, 2020
The food was delicious, prices were very reasonable. Customer service was great.
Helen B via - Jul 15, 2020
Food was delicious, prompt and hot. Waitresses were very attentive. Was sad that they did not have any Corn Beef when I went in. But still overall a good time ... read more
doug see via - Jul 12, 2020
Had dinner tonight served by Jessica. She was very polite, came to our table often to check on us and correcly wore her mask to protect against the spread of Covid. Excellent service, excellent choice for dinner tonight. Thank you Jessica!!!
Mike Birch via - Jul 7, 2020
Delicious food but a little pricey ... read more
Robert Gilders via - Jul 6, 2020
My favorite spot to go in town for a good drink. Waitstaff is very friendly and good sense of humor. The atmosphere is quaint and tidy. The asthetic isnt blown out and crazy but suits the place just right. Proper pub fare too made well and with care. If your in town and looking for an easy nice meal and good brew, this is your place.
Steven Kokenos via - Jul 6, 2020
High quality food, chill and attentive staff, good drinks, and a friendly atmosphere make this bar the place to go for drinks with the buddies or a family dinner.
Kenta Kazami via - Jun 21, 2020
I got the chicken and bread pudding ...
I got the chicken and bread pudding. Soooo good! Staff was friendly and attentive. I was visiting from out of town which is a HUGE bummer because I will definitely be craving this dish again. Laid back atmosphere. All in all a great place.
Christina T. via - Jun 10, 2020
The muscles and home made kettle chips are the best.
mark Klein via - Jun 9, 2020
Came here for carry out  during ...
Came here for carry out  during covid lockdown.  Ordered a steak and mushroom boxty and the fish and chips.  Easy ordering and was ready when we came at quoted pick up time!  I've never had a chance to actually dine in here prior to covid but damn that was some good carry out!  Thankfully we live about five minutes away so when we go ... read more
Codie Nicole B. via - Jun 7, 2020
I've been going there on and off for 7 years. They do not have a good selection of draft beers. I will say that the bartenders and waitresses are nice ... read more
Grant Dervishi via - May 25, 2020
Good food, good service 👍🏻 ... read more
Trevor Ackler via - May 3, 2020
Great stuff! I got the Chicken Fried Chicken - huge portion! The homemade chips were also really good!
Alex Maki via - Apr 24, 2020
Our carry out was amazing! We ordered a steak boxty, chicken boxty, and beef nachos grande. Jessica helped us and was very cheerful and professional. The food was ready right as promised, and everything tasted great! The nachos and fries were crispy even after traveling in the styrofoam containers. Highly recommend for Take Out Tuesd ... read more
Ann Gacioch via - Apr 22, 2020
First time ever eating from IT. Did carry out and the food taste amazing. Great pretzels burger and best damn bread puddling I have ever had. Will be ordering again ... read more
L Veatch via - Mar 20, 2020
love going to Irish tavern for Saturday night karaoke
love going to Irish tavern for Saturday night karaoke ... read more
Jesse Conner via - Mar 17, 2020
This is certainly one of the best restaurants in the region. Whenever I visit this place I am greatly satisfied. They preserve their very high standard service and the highest level of food they provide. You will be always satisfied with this restaurant. Very recommended.
Ramiro S via - Mar 14, 2020
Good food and service. Nice atmosphere.
Chris Tucker via - Mar 8, 2020
Service was decent same with the food ... read more
Beastomatic via - Mar 7, 2020
Great local bar w a nice atmosphere and a traditional Irish bar menu. Nice change from the typical local bar food. We had great service and the food was very reasonable. Try the steak and mushroom boxty!!
Kristina Heimbaugh via - Mar 5, 2020
We arrived at this place for a meeting. we heard about this place from many people. Well, it was very nice. we were warmly welcomed by the staff members and we had a fantastic feeling. The meal was tasty. We had a great time and we will visit this place again. We recommend this place to all.
Jaziel Flowers via - Feb 24, 2020
Excellent service and great karaoke ... read more
Bradley Seymour via - Feb 23, 2020
It has been a few years since I have been in the area. The food was good and drinks reasonably priced. The service is always great.
Brian Webb via - Feb 17, 2020
Great food with a nice atmosphere.
Greg Trimble via - Feb 2, 2020
Great atmosphere. Love this place. Wish the food was better. Sometimes the service is impeccable. Sometimes it's amateurish. It's a location and scene that could be the cornerstone of Waterford culture but falls short on a couple of key areas and could use more live bands, slightly better food, and a bit better staff.
Jacob Sasser via - Feb 1, 2020
Excellent food. Fast, friendly service.
Chris Fisher via - Jan 31, 2020
It's like you're at home but the only thing missing is your pajamas.
Jered Grubb via - Jan 28, 2020
Had a great time and food was fabulous!
Pam Kyriakides via - Jan 20, 2020
Best place ever!
Michele Tarrence via - Jan 20, 2020
Good food. Lots of drink specials. Good atmosphere.
Robert Mio via - Jan 19, 2020
Excellent and yummy food, I liked the atmosphere this place has, and the cashiers were helpful. I will definitely visit here next time.
Pbe47zmI6V s via - Jan 11, 2020
Very good staff and people!!
Brandon Belcher via - Jan 5, 2020
Had a wonderful night reconnecting with my husband. No cell phones just us talking! Great night!
Had a wonderful night reconnecting with my husband. No cell phones just us talking! Great night!
Mary Ann Watts Fisher via - Dec 29, 2019
Great menu. Serves late ... read more
Mark Losey via - Dec 19, 2019
Best cozy corner pub ... Ever ... read more
Kelley Risi via - Dec 3, 2019
😊 ... read more
Eric Bare via - Dec 1, 2019
Great local pub ... read more
Mike F via - Nov 30, 2019
Great food!
Briana Marie via - Nov 26, 2019
Comfortable place with great atmosphere to get a pint and a boxty.
Ted Villella via - Nov 25, 2019
Good food and service. Polite staff. Lots of options ... read more
Justin Miracle via - Nov 21, 2019
Love the food ... read more
Nicole Chanley via - Nov 20, 2019
Bartender was super polite and helpfull. I had a car issue and she offered help and her own coolant to help. She wouldn't take any money for it. I had a great drink while I waited for the car to cool. I will definitely be back and the cookies looked great. You deserve. 7. Stars thanks again. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ... read more
walter slone via - Nov 6, 2019
good irish dishes and a hot waitress...a bit pricey but highly recommended...
good irish dishes and a hot waitress...a bit pricey but highly recommended...
Randy Casady via - Nov 6, 2019
Good food and a cute waitress, a bit pricey...
Randy Casady via - Nov 6, 2019
Excellent food!
An unassuming, casual bar-eatery. The food is delicious & reasonably priced. The chicken and bread pudding is FABULOUS! Ditto for their Irish speciality Boxties.
Jay H via - Nov 6, 2019
Awesome hang out, great crowds, bomb ass Karaoke!
Awesome hang out, great crowds, bomb ass Karaoke!
Roderick Wiley via - Nov 3, 2019
The best fries I've ever had ... read more
Rob McLucas via - Nov 1, 2019
Very good food. Friendly staff ...
Very good food. Friendly staff and service. Waiting for new establishment in Madison Heights to open.
Jim G. via - Oct 28, 2019
Great food! Great service!
Jean Halliday via - Oct 21, 2019
Great place to grab some food and a beer.
Phil Polderdyke via - Oct 18, 2019
Service, food, and prices are all great. I appreciate the quality of the Irish bar food serve here. I don't like coming on the busy nights as a personal preference, but the food keeps me coming back with friends on the quite nights. Keep it up chaps.
kyle breda via - Oct 17, 2019
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